Our names are Katelyn, Kyle, & Madison Smith. We are hoping to adopt and this blog is an attempt to help people get to know us better. We are hoping for an open domestic adoption and hope that this blog can link us to expectant mothers considering adoption.

My number one goal for this blog is to be authentic and genuine—something that can feel hard to do as it feels like I’m writing an essay—“Reasons You Should Pick Us,” “1,001 Ways We are Awesome”—or something like that. I sincerely want to find the right fit. I believe that adoption is an incredible and beautiful gift. I also believe that God knows and understands which children will join our family. In this way, I feel that my family is like a puzzle and each piece comes together slowly to make up the whole picture.

If you click on the links above, you can find our story, a little about each of us, how to contact us, and most importantly, our family blog. Our family blog is where I post our day to day lives, adventures, thoughts, and ideas. I will try to update our blog as often as possible, so that you can get to know us better.

My goal is not to paint a picture of a perfect family, because we aren’t perfect. I’m not trying to “sell” our family to anybody. I just want to show who we are and hope that this will help lead us to the right people and the right people to us. If you are interested in talking to us more, please contact us at katelynkyleadoption@gmail.com. We welcome any communication whether it be an expectant parent, someone in a similar situation, or a curious friend. We want you to know that we are so grateful to our friends and family for being there for us throughout our journey, and we ask that you continue to be there! We also ask that you share our story with your friends and family and on social media sites. We hope that this, in turn, will help us connect with the right person or family.

the Happy Film Company - Smith-15


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